Individuals and Organizations (Public and Private) can become member of FIOPS.

If you want to improve yourself and participate in the forensic community, you are at the right place.

Download the official documents:

FIOPS Status

FIOPS Rules and Regulations

FIOPS Procedural Code

FIOPS Subscription Form INDIVIDUAL

FIOPS Subscription Form LEGAL ENTITY

What are the benefits of becoming a full member?

Every member has several rights and benefits :

– Receive a member card

– Attend to events organized by FIOPS, such as conferences, shows and certifications, and all public events organized by FIOPS.

– Attend to improvement classes in order to validate a certification or improve his knowledge

– Access the association‘s library

– Three hours of free (counter) expertise by the board (This counter expertise can be requested in case a member is not exactly sure about the interpretation of traces or just want a second opinion or push in the right direction)

Additionally, certified members can have their name/legal entity listed in the FIOPS directory for public reading, the best place to make yourself known.

How to become a member?

Every new member must be working in a field linked to Physical Security (Locksmithing, Alarm systems, Law enforcement…), or linked to Forensic (Legal, Technical…)

Except for the Free of Charge Members – which must only prove their activity – all natural person must provide:
A membership form
A motivation letter
A double-sided ID
An original Criminal Report

Legal entities willing to become a member must provide:
A membership form
A motivation letter
A legal document regarding the legal entity existence

What does it cost?

Entry fees :
A 200 euros fee has to be paid once at first subscription.

Annual fees :
Individual members pay 350 euros per year.
Legal entities members pay 950 euros per year. It applies to companies, laboratories, universities…

A new member subscribing during an already started year can choose to pay the full year (losing the value of the time already elapsed), or to pay in advance the next full year, added to the prorata of the current year remaining time (computed in 12th). This choice ensures the Organization a money income at least equal to one full year subscription.

Special prices can be applied for members participating to the life of the organization (offering books for the library, giving talks at the events…)

We also offer free limited access for every professionnal in our field if you want to get an overview of our activities, feel free to contact us.

Any other question?

Feel free to contact the Board