FIOPS has accumulated a vast knowledge of physical security devices and the forensic analysis thereof. In order to advance forensic practice in this field, FIOPS offers to share that wealth.

All seminars at the yearly FIOPS conference are free to attend for the members.

More hands on training is offered by accredited companies.


General Trainings

We offer two types of general trainings, depending on your current activity.

If you work as a locksmith and wish to discover the world of forensic locksmithing, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to develop your sense of forensic analysis.

If you currently work as forensic examiner as a public officer or in a private company and wish to discover the world of physical security forensics, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand the inner workings of security devices. Enabling you to analyse them and conduct a forensic analysis.


Basic Trainings


We offer basic trainings for professionals that are neither in the Security field nor Forensic field, but who need to have a good understanding of both.

Would you be working for insurance, Police, or a private company, you may need to be able to assess when an illegal opening occured or did not occur.


Advanced Trainings

Based on our cumulated decades of experience, we provide specialized forensic trainings in several areas of physical security. This includes, but is not limited to, pin tumbler locks, lever locks, car locks, pump locks, magnetic locks, electronic and electro-mechanical locks, safe locks, padlocks, alarm systems and so much more.