The main goal of FIOPS is to help its members in their work.

To achieve this goal, FIOPS offers several free services to its members in the professional forensics and physical security field.


The institute holds a library of books and journals linked to forensics and physical security. This library is constantly being expanded through purchases and donations.
With their subscription, members have a right to borrow 3 books or journals per year for a duration of one month each.
Members are welcomed to ask the Institute for the addition of specific books or articles to the library.

Free consulting

Three hours of free (counter) expertise are available for FIOPS members. This counter expertise can be requested in case a member is not exactly sure about the interpretation of traces or just want a second opinion or push in the right direction.
This expertise consists in oral explanation, analysis and a one page report written for the member use.


FIOPS lists certified members per country to give them a wide visibility and allow potential clients to contact trusted and certified professionals.
Laboratories having validated interlaboratory tests can also be listed on their request.